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Welcome to Moving on Center
MOC's Programs and Workshops around the World!

Come to our new Somatics in Action monthly series. September 20 - November 22, 2015

Students dancing at the Integration class

Moving on Center's Vision

Connecting Somatics, Performance and Social Change

Here at home in the US, and around the globe, there is a common acknowledgement that we live in a complex and critical era. As a species, humankind finds itself in a web of global interdependence and competing interests. In the face of corporate globalization, institutionalized racism, and our physical isolation in this era of technology, it is possible to feel frozen and hopeless. How will we meet the demands and prospects of the 21st century? What skills and perspectives will support our navigation of these turbulent straits?

Now more than ever, Moving On Center feels an immense need to provide tools for individuals, groups, and entire communities to assess our own habits and patterns, to find connections across these divides, and to allow for REAL change to occur from the inside out. Through bridging the healing and performing arts for social change, we strive to offer a pathway to LIVING the world we desire. Remembering the words of Emma Goldman: "If I can't dance, it's not my revolution." We offer this curriculum as a doorway to a sense of inner balance, deepened communication, understanding, and an integration of our reflective and expressive selves.

Moving On Center has been a pioneer of holistic and interdisciplinary education for over a decade. We look forward to sharing this with you.

Important: PLEASE read to understand how to participate in MOC’s various programs
Moving On Center (MOC) is the name of our Non-profit umbrella (co-founded by Carol Swann and Martha Eddy) and our three, one month Modules (certificate program) and workshops that originally took place in the Bay Area of CA for 16 years until 2008. These Modules and workshops are NOW AVAILABLE TO BE PRODUCED OR CONTRATED anywhere in the world. Please e-mail Carol Swann to discuss these opportunities.

Moving On Center Modules:

MOC West Coast Certification programs are not currently open for individual enrollment. 

Moving on Center partners with Martha Eddy and her Dynamic Embodiment-SMTT. Students of MOC programs and Participatory Arts may continue Dynamic Embodiment Somatic Movement Therapy studies in either NY area, North Carolina or in Germany. Advanced students and practitioners of somatic movement can engage with Martha Eddy and/or Moving On Center in these flexible, alive and vibrant program formats.

Moving on Center's Locations for Dynamic Embodiment-SMTT and Participatory Arts
East Coast and Worldwide Programs

You can engage with Moving On Center in these flexible, alive and vibrant program formats:

  • MOC in NY:
    While there are no longer MOC programs in NYC many of the courses of director Martha Eddy (MOC Co-Founder) are open to the public and can be used toward registration as a Somatic Movement Therapist or Educator through www.ISMETA.org. Other community outreach begun through Moving On Center is active in New York City - specifically www.Movingforlife.org. Dr. Eddy also runs the Center for Kinesthetic Education (CKE), offering movement, dance, fitness, and anti-bullying programming for school educators, staff, and children. CKE has been a partner in MOC's community outreach helping to fulfull the MOC mission. For more information about workshops related to Module 1 or Phase 1 in certification in Dynamic Embodiment - Somatic Movement Therapy (DE-SMTT) please visit DE-SMTT. Martha Eddy teaches related courses at the State University of NY - Empire State College. To learn how we apply participatory arts and somatic principles in private practice one can visit www.WellnessCKE.net, www.Movingforlife.org, or www.DynamicEmbodiment.org

  • "Somatics for Hire"
    Our listed curriculum, workshops and intensives (including teachers) are available to be produced or sponsored at regional, national and international locations with many of our fantastic faculty.

    As you will see on this website, our programs include day-long and weekend workshops,intensives, and month-long modules. Although these have previously been offered within our Certification Programs, they can now be sponsored as individual programs as well.

  • Educational Partnerships:
    We are open to the possibility of partnering with educational institutes and organizations for short and long-term programming. We will continue our current academic relationships, such as with California State University, East Bay; Santa Barbara Graduate Institute (SBGI); and SUNY-ESC as we build more.

  • Professional Services:
    All of Moving On Center's Directors offer consulting and private sessions based on their individual areas of expertise. Please contact them or for more information, or look at our Professional Services page!

With our comprehensive curriculum of intensives and workshops that weave together for embodied knowledge in health, education and the arts, we are now a "moving body of work." We look forward to sharing this with you and to experiencing your curiosity and involvement!

Co-Founders, Carol Swann and Martha Eddy

Students at the Alexander Technique class

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